Forensic Services

A complete spectrum of forensic construction services is available to our builders and developers, including pre-construction analysis and design consultation, root cause analysis for failed systems, cost effective repair recommendations, and oversight and documentation of repairs.

ASTM Water Testing

This is a timed, pressurized spray test on a window / wall assembly utilizing a calibrated spray rack and a pressurization / depressurization chamber.  The test measures the assembly’s ability to withstand a simulated driven rainstorm for a given period of time.

Mock-Up Documentation

Quality Built will observe mock-up construction and document the step-by-step assembly for inclusion into an assembly manual and quality assurance inspection template.

Product and Material Inventory and Tracking

Quality Built offers proven services designed to document the specific products and materials utilized on a site. With this, you can verify specified products were installed and be prepared to respond to product recalls.

Geotechnical Services

Quality Built’s expertise in grading, foundation design, and construction oversight, combined with our litigation experience as a soils expert, enables us to offer our QA services to project geotechnical matters with a unique perspective. Our team, overseen by a registered Geotechnical Engineer, assesses geotechnical risk on a project-by-project level helping the entire development team focus on mitigating the highest risk soils issues.

HOA Turnover

Quality Built offers comprehensive documentation of common areas and exterior building conditions at the time your project is turned over to the association. Inspections to verify proper maintenance and/or document the lack of maintenance are also available.

Design Consultation / Product Specification Review

Owners are trending towards product specifications in order to encourage value engineering. A Product Specification Review will verify selected products meet any performance specifications provided by the Architects or Engineers and are compatible with other products with which they must integrate.

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