The building envelope is one of the most critical elements of any structure. Thus, hiring a qualified building envelope expert offers reasonable assurance against construction defects.

  • Architectural / Structural Plans And Specifications Review Services:
    • Quality Built’s team identifies code and design deficiencies within the building envelope design;
    • Provides detailed comments on exterior envelope details and specifications
    • Identifies efficiencies, alternative materials
    • Makes recommendations to maximize resources to validate the performance and durability of the building envelope

A good design has to be supported by site inspection and testing efforts to ensure a correct installation. Our plan review, coupled with our inspections and spray testing, is simply the best technique to protect your investment.


  • Site Inspections

Site Inspections to verify compliance with the contract documents and approved shop drawings.

  • ASTM/AAMA Spray Testing

Conduct pressurized spray tests on window/wall assemblies utilizing a calibrated spray rack and a pressurization/de-pressurization chamber. The test measures the cladding system’s ability to withstand a simulated driven rain for a given period of time as prescribed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), as well as the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) standard.

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