Quality Built’s professional staff perform accurate and straightforward reserve studies and insurance appraisals for community associations throughout the United States.

Quality Built has the inspection, construction and financial expertise to determine the current and useful remaining life of a facility’s components and to determine the replacement cost of those components. These results are then used to determine a funding plan which helps assure that homeowners are providing adequate money for the repair and replacement only and not over-funding the association.

Quality Built’s reports will comply with the governing provisions of your state as well as any federal or private industry regulations that may apply.

Quality Built’s Reserve Study Services provide the following:

  • Identifies all qualifying assets and components of the study.
  • Identifies current vital issues and deficiencies of components through thorough site inspections.
  • Establishes quantities and replacement costs of components.
  • Determines useful life & projects remaining life of all components
  • Computes funding requirements, total and per unit.
  • Provides a comprehensive narrative report with a summary, charts, photographs and disclosures.
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