Quality Built provides expert witness services that support Construction Defect Litigation (CDL) cases. We possess a growing library of data compiled from over 1,200 CDL cases that our forensic experts have taken part in. Provided such extensive data, our experts are able to objectively assess distress and causation, accurately analyze technical issues, and clearly present their opinions to attorneys, mediators, and juries.

Builders, developers, attorneys, and insurance carriers trust the forensic experts at Quality Built. Quality Built employees, Brian Kramer, RCE, GE, MBA and Jeff Hoch, AIA are acknowledged experts at the forefront of current trends in construction defect risk. They lead teams that identify, analyze, and provide repair recommendations for defects related to new systems, materials and assemblies in the field, preparing them for future cases that will appear in court. Because of our extensive experience in CDL cases, Quality Built has been acknowledged by an abundance of insurance companies to set a standard for construction defects. We willingly share the information we acquire in a series of technical papers and reports published here on our website.

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