Planning and Design Development Phase

A Technical Plan Review is an integral part of a Risk Management program. Many problems can be eliminated prior to construction. History has shown that many defects are drawn into the plans. For this reason, Quality Built specializes in analyzing construction documents for built-in defects.

Quality Built, LLC will review your construction documents for recurring “hot spots,” constructability and performance issues, including:

  • Avoidance of errors, omissions, voids and conflicts between drawing sheets, sections of drawings and specification
  • Completeness of design details and specifications
  • Completeness and appropriateness of specified systems, equipment and materials
  • Sufficiency of drawings and details to allow standard constructibility, means and methods
  • Review for design and specific code violations and conflicts
  • Perform general plan coordination review and quality control review

Quality Built’s Plan Reviewers also look at constructibility, best practices and established trade standards. Our primary focus is to provide valuable feedback on systems that have the potential to create problems for builders during construction and at turnover.

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