Quality Built provides commercial and residential construction Bank Draw inspection services to individual project owners, banks and other financial institutions. Typically conducted on a monthly basis, Our Construction Bank Draw inspections include a site inspection to assist the lending institution in determining the appropriate release of construction funds.

Our inspection evaluates the accuracy of the draw request, construction phase completion, stored materials on site and off and that all construction work is in place per the plans and specifications prior to the release of funds.

Quality Built’s Draw inspection reports include the information obtained during the inspection including:

  • General description of the project
  • Current status of the construction process including comments on each phase of construction
  • Completion schedule/Timeline
  • Quality of work/Conditions/Concerns
  • Change orders
  • Stored material
  • Verification of permits, zoning, licenses, taxes, and insurance or bonding for the project and contractor
  • Payment recommendations
  • Job site pictures

“Our Customers Have Considerably Reduced Their Employee Training Costs, While Subsequently Increasing Employee Productivity By Using The Quality Built Training Portal.”

  • Anytime, Anywhere Intuitive Learning

The Quality Built Training Portal provides a stimulating and interactive learning environment that engages attendees through a variety of interactive tools and resources including PowerPoints, videos, text documents, reference material and other online learning tools. Accessible 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, participants can train at their own pace allowing them to return and review any portion of the course material before attempting the different section quizzes. Upon successful course completion, a certificate is generated and can be downloaded instantly.

  • Powerful Automated Reporting

Manage your organization’s training with powerful features and tools that enable accountability and transparent reporting and assessment of the progress and performance of your participants. Extensive reports allow you to Monitor each participants’ progress, actual time spent reviewing course materials, test results, and more. Evaluate training effectiveness at a quick-glance summary level or review at an individual level.


Quality Built® employs an agile software development approach which allows fast paced, incremental software development. Quality Built is successful in rapidly deploying high-quality software that is well aligned with our customer’s needs and our company goals. As a result, we receive dozens of inquiries a year from individuals and companies interested in using our platform as a framework for customized solutions.

Partnering with Quality Built enables our clients and strategic partners to get more from existing technology investments. Quality Built can develop flexible and scalable solutions that can help organizations integrate existing IT systems for a customized experience.

Quality Built is continually looking for companies and individuals with aligned interests to explore creative ways to work together. Whether you wish to form a strategic alliance, joint venture or seek to license our software for use in your own organization, we will listen. Working with exceptional companies to share unique resources, technical capabilities, industry expertise and/or new markets provides Quality Built and our partners the opportunity to bring high caliber, competitive services to the market place.


Quality Built inspectors and management staff have been approved to provide substitute or relief municipal inspection services in several jurisdictions throughout California, including San Jose, Irvine, Roseville, Los Angeles, Burbank and others. Additionally, Quality Built has been entrusted with providing municipal-type services for extended projects at United States military installations and on Native American tribal lands. With our highly trained and efficient staff, Quality Built is well suited to provide municipal substitution services for small to medium jurisdictions.

Depending on the need, Quality Built can provide your municipal Building Department with full-time staffing including, but not limited to:

  • Building Officials
  • Field Inspectors
  • Permit Technicians
  • Plan Review Technicians
  • Administrative Support Staff

Using Client jurisdiction facilities and resources, Quality Built will administer all services normally provided by full-time jurisdiction staff without the overhead normally seen with city and county government employees. The result is a significant savings to the jurisdiction for use in other areas of need, without any compromise in service delivery levels.


  • HomeID for Home Builders: Cloud Based New Home Profile & Documentation.

With HomeID builders can easily provide home buyers all the information about their new home including contract and closing documents, warranties, manuals, plans and construction photos if desired.  You can even include home care guides and maintenance checklists to help them take care of their new home, all in a secure online account for them to manage that includes your branding.  HomeID reduces storage costs by keeping digital copies in our secure cloud; of course you’ll be green!  What’s more, HomeID allows builders to easily implement increasing popular “customer for life” programs, maintaining contact with home buyers long after the new home sale is complete.

  • HomeID Features include:


Any room is created as a space. Keep your information and photos organized in each space, making finding and sorting easy and intuitive.


No more panicked searching for the plumber’s emergency number when the toilet is leaking.   My Contacts makes it simple to manage all your contacts.


Never lose those important warranties, manuals or home documents again. Documents are stored in HomeID and can be tied to a home, space and item.


Step by step reporting simplifies the process of building a PDF report. HomeID® has preloaded report templates or the ability to create a custom report and select only what you need.


Given today’s economic environment, many builders and property related industries are reexamining their approach to managing inspections. Outsourcing inspection management is a cost effective solution that provides sophisticated, efficient, scalable systems for a fraction of the cost of developing and maintaining an internal program. This is particularly true when the inspection process is not a part of a company’s core competencies.

The successful orchestration and implementation of any inspection management services contract requires a technologically advanced, detailed-oriented, and experienced firm like Quality Built. Quality Built® has successfully managed many inspection programs on a national scale. We have been the preferred QA management system provider for insurance carriers and major builders across the country for over 15 years. We have managed property inspections on over 6,000 commercial projects and 350,000 homes in the last 10 years alone.

Our inspection management services include planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling and measuring results. Quality Built will work with you to define your goals, identify integration points and develop work flow processes and procedures specific to your needs. Compliance and internal QA metrics will be identified to measure effectiveness and reporting standards established. Full implementation can range between 48 hours and 90 days depending on the requirements and complexity.


As the innovative leader in construction quality assurance, Quality Built® has done it again. By partnering with A+ rated insurance companies, warranty companies, and exceptional industry experts, we have broken all traditional barriers and created our Next Generation of Quality Assurance Guaranteed.

Quality Built’s Next Generation of Quality Assurance Guaranteed program provides our clients with a single source, fully integrated, customized risk management process that is specifically designed to substantially transfer liability and back-end warranty obligations, and reduce costs for General Liability (GL) Insurance, Third-Party Quality Assurance (QA), Wrap Administration, Warranty Protection and Third-Party Claims Administration.

Quality Built will coordinate all insurance, claim, quality assurance services, documentation and administration – from pre-construction through the end of the statutory period of repose. By using a one-stop-shop for comprehensive Quality Assurance Guaranteed services, builders can maximize sustainable long-term profitability. Funding past liabilities with future profits and reserving 1% for warranty issues will become a thing of the past when we eliminate the hassles of audits, contract administration, customer complaints, lawsuits, QA/AC compliance, self insured retention funding, trade contractor accountability, product tracking and warranty services.

Unquestionably, the Next Generation of Quality Assurance Guarantee is the most comprehensive quality assurance risk management program ever introduced for builders and developers.


Our ProductLink® services are a way of effectively implementing a Quality Assurance and Products and Materials Inventory Management Plan. Specific materials, products and appliances will be registered as they are installed on your project via ProductLink®. No longer will builders be unable to quantify and track defective or recalled products, such as Chinese Drywall.

Quality Built® will work with your project’s trade contractors and suppliers to obtain specific information such as origin, make, model and serial number, where applicable, and record where those products and materials are installed. This process allows for quantification of products, materials and appliances, so as to facilitate repair, replacement, warranty recalls or alerts of defective, deficient and/or hazardous products and/or materials as new information becomes available in the marketplace.


QB Builder Link®, a proprietary advanced data collection and reporting software system, is based on the very same checkpoints used to conduct over 500,000 Quality Built® inspections. QB Builder Link is the most cost effective and efficient way to implement a quality assurance program to minimize construction defects and reduce customer service claims.

QB Builder Link is designed to easily integrate with your existing procedures to document good quality building practices as well as create electronic “punch lists” of open items needing correction. QB Builder Link may be customized to follow your schedule and will prompt simple but important quality metrics that help educate the user and verify compliance. Checkpoints may be selected from one of our standardized templates or customized based upon your own standards. Combined with our third party virtual inspections and technical support, QB Builder Link becomes a powerful quality assurance and documentation program at a fraction of the cost of traditional third-party inspections.

Although each program will be customized to fit the specific needs of the builder, typical programs usually integrate some level of the following:

  • QB Builder Link Software
  • QB Product Link Software
  • Ultra-Mobile or Tablet PC per project
  • QB Data and Photo Review (Third-Party Virtual Inspections)
  • Quarterly or Semi-annual Site Audits
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • On-line Educational Programs
  • Report Generation


Quality Built specializes in construction safety audits to help manage regulatory risks and violations and safety training to help mitigate safety issues in the field with knowledge transfer.

  • Audits

Site audits can be utilized to identify non-compliant trades who put your company at risk with regulatory agencies and with insurance auditors along with lawsuits related to on-the-job injuries and accidents.

•    Scaffolding

•    Excavations

•    Confined Space

•    Fall Protection

•    Hazardous Waste

•    Haz-Whopper


•    Hearing Conservation

•    Lockout/Tagout

•    Bloodborne Pathogens

•    Powered Industrial Trucks

•    Aerial Lifts

•    Fire Extinguishers

•    Power Tools

•    Customized programs are also available.

•    Training

Quality Built has the expertise and systems to provide companies information on safe work practices. We deliver training at your work site or facility necessary to keep your company compliant, productive and safe. Quality Built personnel can train your employees, sub-contractors or representatives who perform work on the company’s behalf in the following common topics.

OSHA 10 and 30 Hour Certifications and Refresher Classes

  • OSHA 10 Hour Construction
  • OSHA 30 Hour Construction
  • OSHA 15 Hour Nevada Refresher
  • OSHA 5 Hour Nevada Refresher
  • First Aid CPR

Quality Built has qualified First Aid CPR instructors, who can instruct at your convenience and at your location, with your schedule in mind.

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