Since 1996, Quality Built® has provided traditional third-party quality assurance to the nation’s leading builders. Quality Built provides comprehensive inspections for all types of construction to optimize subcontractor compliance with the approved plans, all building codes having jurisdiction, and accepted industry standards. We provide independent evaluations and verification for systems and components from building pad through fit & finish.

Our commitment is to provide quality assurance inspections on a consistent and reliable basis and to improve quality in construction which is reported via our web-based Quality Built Information Network (QBIN).   This system will provide timely information in a user-friendly format.  Open Items will be reported at the end of each site visit and will provide the Superintendent with the minimum standard which must be met. Our field reports are intended to alert and educate the Superintendent of areas of concern for immediate action. Our Field Consultants meet with the Superintendent at each visit to review the quality of construction and to discuss any non-conforming items.

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