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Both Level I and Level II imply that you will train each body part three times a week.TRT Steroids However, level II is a more complex program that includes many super series and a number of additional exercises.

The isolation method allows you to focus your efforts on a specific muscle or muscle group, separately from all others. Here is one example trt dosage chart. steroids post cycle therapy When you do complex exercises like bench presses, the pectoral muscles, triceps, and anterior deltoid muscles are involved. On the other hand, flattening hands with dumbbells develops the pectoral muscles separately and allows you to build them up with maximum intensity. As a next step, you can flatten hands with dumbbells on an inclined bench to isolate only the upper pectoral muscles. Then you can cross your arms in a slope on a block device: this isolates and develops the inner region of the upper pectoral muscles.

2 Reverse bending of the wrists with a bar (4 series of 10 repetitions).

Shoulder girdle

For the development and formation of muscles it is necessary to perform a significant amount of endurance training - that is, an appropriate number of series and repetitions. taking anabolic steroids But I believe that if you do not include heavy strength exercises with a small number of repetitions in the training program, you will not be able to achieve the hardness and density that is needed to create a truly first-class trt injections physique.

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one. Leg presses on the simulator.

Great spectacle. The rectus abdominis muscles protrude like a bronze statue; well defined, well developed intercostal muscles ( Shawn Ray ).


Warming up is even more important before intensive training sessions, because you are going to expose your body to even greater stress. In this sense, nothing better has been thought up than a series of relatively light exercises until your body switches to trt steroids a higher “gear”.

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Together with the big goals that you set for yourself - a champion physique, victories in competitions, you need to learn to set small goals for yourself: everyday tasks, short-term achievements. Before the volume of your biceps reaches 19 inches, you need to increase them to 16, 17 and 18 inches. Before you can perform a bench press with a 400 pound barbell, you have to go through 250, 300 and 350 pounds.

Biceps and triceps

Here is a good example of how bodybuilding can change your physique. Steve Davis "before", very similar to the endomorph ...

Body bending - 5 episodes of 25 repetitions.

Grouping on a vertical bench (30 reps).

In the program of basic training, we talked about the need to arrange "difficult days" from time to time - trying to reach the limit of our strength in exercises with heavy shells. buy steroids legally These "hard days" become even more important when you go to an intensive training program.

Leaning forward

In some workout systems, it is believed that you can make tremendous progress by performing only a small number of series on a particular part of the body. In essence, this is not a new idea; This is how bodybuilders trained when bodybuilding was just becoming a real sport.


Many bodybuilders began to train without any "sense of perfection", but subsequently acquired it. The fact is that it is quite possible to win the competition - for example, to win the title "Mr. Universe" in the max trt dose category of amateurs - with obvious flaws in the development of muscles. But too often it happens that the newly appeared champion goes straight to professional competitions, where he fails miserably, finding himself at the very end.

Make sure every time you warm up.TRT Steroids For example, if you are going to perform barbell presses while standing, then you are attracting not only deltoid muscles and triceps to work. steroids online The neck muscles and trapezius muscles will also contract intensively during movement, and they need to be given time to prepare.

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Rod rod in the slope (4 episodes from 8 to 12 repetitions).

Abdominal muscles

Pressing on the uneven bars (3 series of 15, 10, 8 repetitions).


Super Series:

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Dumbbell with one hand in the slope (4 series of 10 repetitions).



The body needs time to restore chemical equilibrium in muscle trt water retention cells, remove the by-products that form during oxidation, and restore depleted glycogen stores. But another factor is even more important: the cells themselves need time to adapt to external stimuli and grow in size. In the end, when bodybuilding occurs, muscle growth occurs. steroids online Therefore, if you expose your muscles to overtraining, make them work trt brain fog too fast or too hard after the previous series of exercises, this will not allow them to grow and your progress will slow down.

And yet, in the short term, the most honest critic of you will be the mirror - if you yourself want it. Testing body composition does not give the slightest idea about the isolation of muscle groups; measurement of muscle circumference does not analyze their shape and relief; you can not judge the harmony and proportionality of his body, just standing on the scales. But if you look in the mirror and see only what you want to see, you will not become a champion either. It is necessary to see things as they are - no worse and no better.

one. It is necessary to completely isolate each muscle, and then each individual part of the muscle, in order to use all the muscle fibers, creating a clear separation between the muscle and the part of the body to which it belongs. To do this, you need to know exactly how each exercise affects the muscles, and create a program focused on creating the type of muscles you want to have.

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one. Form. As I mentioned in Chapter 5, the first step towards achieving a goal is to create a clear image. "When the mind leads, the body follows it" - a saying that for me has always been confirmed in practice. hgh vs steroids If you want to become "Mr. America" or "Mr. Universe", then you should be well represented at the top of success. If this idea is sufficiently stable, then everything else will fall into place: your lifestyle, training, circle of friends and acquaintances, eating habits, recreation and entertainment. The image is your goal, and when the goal is clear trt gains, the choice is easy to make. The image strengthens the faith. buy steroids legally When you believe, you do not have doubts and anxieties, but simply do everything that you consider necessary.

Breeding hands with dumbbells up and sideways.

Super Series:

But the final test of strength comes on the stage, where you either win or lose. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to participate in several contests before you can judge your real progress.

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