Multi-Family Residential

Multi-Dimensional Quality

Everything is connected. That’s why quality assurance becomes even more critical in attached and multi-family projects — Quality Built understands the issue from every angle.

QA Inspections

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Energy & Sustainability

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Technical Review

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Rise Above the Rest

From apartments to high rises, a multi-family quality assurance program reduces risk and keeps the project on track.

Quality Built’s multi-family quality assurance services are designed to protect investors, insurers, developers and contractors. When it comes to quality, more predictably means more profitability.

QA For Multi-family

  • Technical Plan Review™
  • Insurance mandated QA
  • Developer risk assessment
  • Building envelope consulting
  • Property condition assessment
  • Safety services
  • ASA/Fair Housing Act consulting
  • Design consultation
  • Product specification review
  • Forensic services
  • ASTM water testing
  • Mock-up documentation
  • Material inventory and tracking
  • HOA turnover
  • Geotechnical services

Quality Assurance Inspection

Quality Built is the only leading construction quality assurance provider with an
ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System.

Critical, Independent Evaluation:

Get an unbiased evaluation of all high-risk components including, but not limited to: foundation, framing, exterior cladding, MEP, fenestrations, and roofing systems.

Guided Implementation

Each project’s inspection criteria are tailored based upon the plans, codes, specifications, and specific products and materials utilized.

Mitigate Risk

Communicate the need for correction to both the trades and the superintendent within minutes. Documentation is captured in the system through data and photographs.

Data-Driven Improvement

With hundreds of data points collected, our proprietary software provides a measurable way to improve your team and your bottom line.

Insight & Knowledge

Access Quality Built’s expertise via in-person consultation and a library of training programs.

Our Services


  • Technical Plan Review™
  • Geotechnical Design Review
  • Energy Sustainability Design
  • Consulting Services
  • Property Condition Assessments
  • Scope of Work Review


  • Building Site Quality Inspections
    • Building Envelope (Water Intrusion)
    • Full Scope Comprehensive
  • Energy Sustainability Inspections
  • Health & Safety
  • Trade Observations
  • Project Status Observations
  • Fit & Finish Inspections
  • Risk Assessments


  • HOA Turnover Services
  • Annual Inspections
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Litigation Support

Start in Hours,
Not Weeks

Quality Built can have you up and running in no time. We’ll guide you every step of the way, giving you immediate access to our wealth of knowledge and innovative, proprietary solutions. You’ll be inspection-ready in just four steps:

  • STEP ONE: Project information
    Collect necessary project information to initiate set up.
  • STEP TWO: Set up your tailored program
    QB tailors project templates to accommodate scheduling, relevant checkpoints, and trade worker engagement.
  • STEP THREE: Add project managers
    Add and train project managers, superintendents, and trades on the QA process.
  • STEP FOUR: Data collection begins
    Data is collected and monitored for constant improvement.

Find Problems Before You Build

Quality Built’s Technical Plan Review™ is an integral part of any comprehensive Risk Management program. Performed by a team of expert and experienced forensic architects, professional engineers, and code professionals, these services identify code and design deficiencies and opportunities before you turn any dirt.

  • Eliminate errors, omissions, voids and conflicts between drawing sheets, sections of drawings and specifications
  • Ensure comprehensive design details and specifications
  • Regulate the appropriateness of specified systems, equipment and materials
  • Provide sufficient drawings and details that enable standard constructability, means, and methods
  • Review of design, specific code violations, and conflicts
  • Engage in plan coordination review and quality control review

Quality Built Trade Score

  • Quality Built is the ONLY quality assurance company that provides ratings on trade performance on a continual basis.
  • Proprietary, algorithmic scale – weighing each checkpoint’s structural risk, installation complexity, and quality of work to arrive at a performance rating.
  • Ratings give superintendents the information they need to clearly communicate and illustrate trade performance – enabling trade partners to perform targeted training.
  • Promotes collaboration, transfers risk, prevents delays, and promotes continual improvement at all levels.
  • Complete transparency for all stakeholders
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