Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Less Risk. More Reward.

Quality Built’s risk solutions help builders reduce and avoid risk, maintaining your corporate standards while remaining flexible to customize at the project level.

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Up to Your Standard

Quality Built partners with you to integrate our risk assessment services with your standard operating procedures, trade partners, and quality assurance program. Our industry-leading technology helps builders and developers maximize efficiencies and minimize uncertainty.

Quality Built provides project-specific training materials for each trade to assure complete and total project integration, from the lowest to highest levels of the organization. We also provide training and improvement to crews based upon the actual data collected.

On-Site Audit Capabilities Evaluate & Rate:

  • Site cleanliness, safety & security
  • Soils & foundation
  • Framing, HVAC & plumbing
  • Exterior cladding & roof
  • Water intrusion protocol
  • Fire-rated & sound control assemblies
  • Interior finishes
  • Thermal conditions
  • Property condition
  • ASTM water testing
  • Health & safety

QB Rapid Response® Disaster Relief

Our QB Rapid Response® program gives you the tools to respond effectively when disaster strikes. Be prepared for anything with on-site data collection and damage assessment.

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified, ensuring our standardized data collection processes and procedures are reliable, accurate and beyond reproach.
  • Protocols mirror many of the FEMA Standard Operating Procedures for Mitigation Assessment Team Processes.
  • Nationwide network of experts to serve peak volumes, dispatching first responder assessors and assigning second responders according to each property’s needs.

Built for Today’s Reality

Quality Built goes beyond traditional Builder Risk Assessments. We’re construction professionals specializing in the technical and risk management aspects of construction.

From integrated comprehensive site audits to team education and training, we go the extra mile to customize our services to your needs.

Client-Focused Risk Management:

  • Corporate-wide & project/operations risk assessments
  • Quality assurance process advising
  • Construction practices improvement
  • Forensic investigation - root cause analysis for system failure
  • Expert advice from architects, engineers, & other professionals
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Safety Alert Systems™

Keep your team safe throughout the entire building process.

Quality Built’s Safety Alert Systems is a safety training software and dashboard designed for builders to send and track customized safety alerts to their entire team.

Distribute timely safety information to contractors and tradesmen with short, customized training videos and email alerts. Use our online dashboard to track which team members received the safety alert, who actually viewed it, and those who simply passed it up.

With Quality Built’s detailed analytics and software capabilities, you won’t just be able to inform your team — you’ll hold them accountable.

We Make QA Pay™

Data-driven and people-powered, let Quality Built bring your quality assurance program to the next level. Quality Assurance that works. That's the Quality Built way.

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