Technical Plan Review™

20/20 Foresight™

Quality Built’s Technical Plan Review™ helps designers, builders, developers, architects, engineers, and financially interested parties identify potential obstacles — and opportunities — before they arise.

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Big Picture. Small Details.

Every construction project is complex, with hundreds, if not thousands, of variables and dependencies. An integral part of any risk management program, a Technical Plan Review will uncover potential errors, omissions, ambiguities, and conflicts — improving constructability and minimizing liability.

Just as importantly, our team will pinpoint potential opportunities for improvement, providing vital information on non-compliant items, specifications, and alternate design options.


  • Prevent errors, delays, & overruns
  • Identify & document risk
  • Benchmark against best practices & trade standards
  • Expedite building department plan review
  • Compare design & engineering alternatives

We Make QA Pay™

Data-driven and people-powered, let Quality Built bring your quality assurance program to the next level. Quality Assurance that works. That's the Quality Built way.

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Smart & Certified

Quality Built’s Technical Plan Review is conducted by a multidisciplinary team of certified plan examiners. With decades of experience in building, materials, and quality assurance, these professionals know all the requisite code requirements and the realities of the job site.

Our focus? We deliver valuable and timely feedback on systems that have the potential to create problems for builders during construction and turnover.


  • "Hot spot" systems
  • Building code
  • Compliance
  • Constructability
  • Design details
  • Specification
  • Dimensions
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Insurance Mandates

Expertise to help you get the right QA Services required for your Insurance Policy.

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