Energy & Sustainability Done Smarter

September 30, 2020 in Articles

"There's not a homebuilder in the country that doesn't look at energy and sustainability as a core function. It makes their homes more marketable and valuable while protecting the builder from risk after occupancy."

— John Gillett, President, Quality Built, LLC.

We all want to maximize resources. Homeowners. Builders. Regulators. The entire building industry has a vested interest in building a more eco-conscious world. It’s good for the planet, livability, and utility bills.

The trouble is, managing the proliferation of energy and sustainability certifications is becoming more challenging by the day. What once was a simple administrative task now requires specific expertise, loads of paperwork, and extra time that modern superintendents just don’t have.

That’s why Quality Built recently launched a new suite of energy and sustainability services. Now homebuilders can enjoy all the benefits of a rigorous energy and sustainability program — including utility and municipal incentives, high-ROI certification, and more — without adding staff or headaches.

Green is Growing

The demand for energy-conscious and sustainable homes continues to grow. Macro trends such as climate change, rising costs, and increasing awareness of indoor air quality drive homebuyers to put green features at the top of their shopping lists. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the vast majority of home shoppers say they seek — and are willing to pay — a premium for features that improve the health of the planet, their budget, and themselves.

For homebuilders, this presents an enormous opportunity. When properly managed, building green increases brand value, margins, and sales velocity with minimal investment. In fact, with so many utility, municipal, and state sustainability incentives available, the lack of a professional energy and sustainability program may be costing you money and sales.

Building green also provides long-term benefits to homebuilders after the sale. By building structures that perform the way occupants expect them to, homebuilders protect themselves from post-occupancy risks.

The bottom line:

A smartly implemented energy and sustainability program can deliver a meaningful, profitable competitive advantage.

How Quality Built Helps

Quality Built’s energy and sustainability services ensure you reduce risk and increase opportunities in three primary ways:

Efficient code compliance and beyond

Maximize incentives (tax and otherwise)

Certifications and value creation communication

Efficient Code Compliance and Beyond

Depending on your location, code compliance can be quite arduous. The key is not whether you can get your building to comply with the necessary codes, but can you do so efficiently and cost-effectively.

Quality Built blends technology with human expertise to help you plan, execute, and communicate across even the most complex construction projects.

We help you increase your precision and productivity at every step of code compliance.

We don’t stop there. Our comprehensive planning, modeling, and testing services can help you go beyond simple compliance to delivering high-performance structures with a meaningful, measurable return on investment.

This holistic approach gives Quality Built a bird’s-eye view of every project, allowing us to identify hard-to-see opportunities. With proper planning, minor adjustments to materials, systems, and processes can add substantial value through energy efficiency and sustainability.

Maximize Incentives

Your energy and sustainability program should pay for itself. There have never been more opportunities to leverage utility, municipal, state, and federal incentives.

On a one-off basis, these programs can appear to be not worth the effort. But when integrated into an intelligently administered energy and sustainability program, they can drop thousands of dollars to the bottom line with almost no effort on your part. Some, like the federal 45L tax credit, can even be applied retroactively, allowing you to gain today from investments made years ago.

Because Quality Built manages thousands of incentives each year, we track the changes and identify opportunities that most homebuilders miss.

Certification and Value Creation Communication

Central to any energy and sustainability program is communicating the value of your efforts to buyers. Quality Built’s energy and sustainability program includes management of all significant third-party certifications, including:

  • Indoor airPLUS
  • WaterSense
  • LEED for Homes
  • NAHB Green

In addition, Quality Built energy modeling and other advanced services provide a toolkit of ways to calculate the added value from work that may not fit neatly into traditional certifications.

There are close to 600 green product certifications globally and nearly 100 in the U.S. — and still increasing! — BuildingGreen

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Profitable and Practical

For any energy and sustainability program to succeed, it must fit within a company’s work processes. All of Quality Built’s services are fully customizable, designed to meld seamlessly into your existing workflow and staffing.

Quality Built’s energy and sustainability program is backed by the industry’s largest real-world construction science database and powered by a nationwide team of quality assurance professionals.

It’s all managed and accessible by software that makes collecting, sharing, and understanding construction-critical data simple.

Ready to learn more? Let’s talk.

Quality Built offers a free energy and sustainability program assessment.

Our Services

Quality Built energy and sustainability services include:

  • Site Analysis
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Water Efficiency
  • Materials & Resources
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Community O&M Best Practices