Press Release: Quality Built Forensics, A New Chapter in Quality Built History

February 3, 2016 in Press Release

News Release, February 3, 2016

To more effectively partner with clients as they address the challenges of a new year, 2016 marks a new era of innovation for Quality Built. On January 1st, Quality Built Forensics, previously an entity separate from Quality Built LLC, was brought into the Quality Built family. This expands our forensic investigation, expert witness, and litigation support services, a “back-to-our-roots” business decision.

When originally founded, Quality Built specialized in Construction Defect Litigation (CDL), using the data from 1,200+ cases to build our QBIN® software platform. Future CDL projects will provide a constant stream of new data, based on more sophisticated building technology. Our analysts and programmers can then continue expanding our database, increasing the overall effectiveness of our technology platform. At the same time, this expansive body of knowledge provides our forensics experts with near-instant access to the data they need to objectively assess distress and causation, accurately analyze technical issues, and clearly present their opinions to attorneys, mediators, and juries.

Builders, Developers, Attorneys, and Insurance Carriers trust the experts at Quality Built Forensics. Brian Kramer, RCE, GE, MBA and Jeff Hoch, AIA are acknowledged experts at the forefront of current trends in construction defect risk. Spending more time in hard hats than they do in ties, Brian and Jeff balance their caseload with active design and construction efforts. They lead teams that identify, analyze, and record defects related to new systems, materials and assemblies in the field, preparing them for future cases that will appear in court. The QB team even defines “standard of care” for construction defects used by many insurance companies. We willingly share this information in a series of technical papers and reports published on our website (

To support the ongoing expansion of our Forensics Division, we will be hiring additional architects and engineers with expert qualifications in various markets. In each of our areas of specialty, we seek to partner with our clients, so we want to ensure that all Quality Built employees possess the credibility that comes with exemplary technical and communication skills. New employees will be required to meet high standards, and we are expanding our professional development opportunities. Our goal is to maintain a workforce with significant proven expertise in a range of disciplines, comprised of individuals who enjoy the challenges of investigating the causes of defects and the thrill of solving problems.

In addition to expanded CDL services, we are also releasing an update to QB Builder Link® in January 2016. New features include a smartphone app that will decrease the cost for expanded project teams, a dashboard featuring “live” data for improved user-interface, reports that can be readily understood and acted upon, and web-based training programs.

About Quality Built

Quality Built® is a leading national construction quality assurance and inspection management company with their primary offices located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and San Diego, California. Quality Built provides third-party quality assurance services and a full spectrum of quality and risk management solutions nationwide.

Recognizing the need to demystify risk in residential construction, more than 20 years ago Quality Built brought together experts in construction defect litigation and quality assurance inspections with top computer programmers and created QBIN and Builder Link, the technology platform preferred by builders and insurers throughout the nation. We work with clients to create a quality culture - streamlining building processes, increasing construction efficiencies, and reducing operational expenditures.

Quality Built's Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2008 registered. For more information about Quality Built contact Brian Kramer, CEO, at [email protected].

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