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April 22, 2010 in Press Release

Quality Built®, LLC Makes Transition to New Headquarters and
Expands Revenue and Services
TUESDAY, 20 JULY 2010 12:21

Quality Built® (QB), the country's leading provider of third-party construction quality assurance  services, announces that results from the first full quarter of operations as a newly restructured organization have exceeded financial goals and expectations. Acquired by engineering entrepreneurs Gary H. Elzweig and Brian C. Kramer, pursuant to Section 363 of the US Bankruptcy Code, only 100 days ago, Quality Built's immediate success in stabilizing its core businesses and accelerating new product lines and services, forecasts a robust future for Quality Built. In addition, the Company is nearing completion of the transition of its headquarters to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Commenting on Quality Built's recent quarter, Gary H Elzweig, Chairman, said, "We always knew that Quality Built, a 16 year old professional construction Quality assurance firm, offered the most advanced and innovative risk management solutions in the industry. When Quality Built became available, we seized on the opportunity to acquire this icon because we believed that with more focused management, fresh capital and a new vision, Quality Built would quickly return to being the market leader for total project risk management and construction quality assurance services. Our first quarter success has exceeded our most optimistic forecasts and we have accomplished these results while restructuring and transitioning the firm to our new headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida." Beth Michaelis, one of Quality Built's founders and current president said, "By strengthening our technical team with new employees possessing highly specialized qualifications, Quality Built has expanded its product lines and services. During our first 100 days, Quality Built has expanded its Collateral Inspection Services, Property Condition Assessment capabilities, Capital Reserve Funding Study expertise and product specific investigations to determine the presence of tainted drywall and other defective products. Additional resources allow Quality Built to cost effectively provide our existing client base with bundled services on a national basis to meet today's market demands from a company they know and trust."

Brian Kramer, QB's CEO, further added that, "We have been able to quickly diversify QB's product offerings to provide the company with a more balanced revenue stream making it less susceptible to market downturns and enabling it to rapidly respond to the needs of homebuilders, contractors, insurance companies and financial institutions. While things may be slow in the construction industry for the time being, we anticipate that activity will increase as inventories continue to be depleted. We have used this time to fine tune our systems and equip us for the next wave of development, which will be more than ever focused on cost effective solutions that assure quality construction and reduce long term liability. Our initial results confirm that Quality Built is on the right track and that we are properly aligned with the needs of our clients."

About Quality Built: Quality Built® is a 16 year old national professional construction service leader and is best known for its work in Total Quality Management. The company provides third-party quality assurance services as well as a full spectrum of quality and risk management solutions such as quality assurance inspections, data collection tools, condition assessments, property assessments, condo turnover services, building evaluations, reporting and support services on high quality residential and commercial construction projects nationwide, private provider services, due diligence assistance and customizable service programs.

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