Quality Built and West Coast Property Consultants Join Forces

December 15, 2011 in Press Release

Transaction creates country’s largest third-party construction inspection and quality assurance firm

Quality Built, LLC (Quality Built), the country’s leading provider of third-party construction quality assurance and inspection management services, announces the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of West Coast Property Consultants, Inc. (WCPC) based in San Diego, California pursuant to Section 363 of the US Bankruptcy Code. The transaction closed on December 14, 2011.

WCPC has provided third-party quality assurance inspection services to homebuilders in the western United States since 1990. Similar to Quality Built, WCPC saw a need for builders to work proactively to eliminate problems arising from poor construction practices. To that end, WCPC has worked diligently with their homebuilder clients to design programs and procedures to improve construction quality and reduce construction defects in every home they build. Quality Built and WCPC are an excellent fit. While Quality Built developed its business focusing on the needs and mandates of insurance companies, WCPC focused on the needs of homebuilders. As a result, Quality Built and WCPC are a perfect complement to each other, addressing both sides of the construction industry.

Gary H. Elzweig, P.E., Chairman of Quality Built, said, “This acquisition is an opportunity to strengthen our core services, expand our client base and increase our geographic footprint. When West Coast’s resources are combined with Quality Built's current attributes and proprietary systems we will be even further distinguished in the industry. WCPC is a well respected company with loyal clients and talented professionals that will undoubtedly be a wonderful addition to Quality Built."

“Following the transaction we are indisputably the leading third-party quality assurance and construction inspection firm in the nation with over twenty (20) years of combined experience and knowledge derived from inspecting over 800,000 residential and commercial units spanning over 6,000 projects,” said Beth Michaelis, Quality Built’s President. “Our combined computer software and hardware platforms are unrivaled by anyone in the business. WCPC’s clients will also benefit from Quality Built’s other lines of business including Quality Built’s Mass Inspection Management Services, Special Inspections, Collateral Inspection Services and Condo Defect Mitigation Services, to name a few. We are very excited about WCPC’s becoming a part of Quality Built and we look forward to the positive impact that this acquisition will produce for our respective clients, employees and investors.”

Today, Quality Built directly inspects and manages approximately in excess of 30,000 inspections a month. The number of inspections by the Quality Built group is expected to grow substantially as WCPC joins Quality Built and the economy improves.

For clients of WCPC, there will be no noticeable change because WCPC will operate as an independent division of Quality Built. As such, the transition of active projects to Quality Built will be seamless. Current WCPC projects will continue to be serviced by the same personnel, using the same protocols, software and processes and all websites, login, passwords, phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same for now.

“Joining Quality Built is a tremendous opportunity for our clients and employees,” noted Barbara Murray, founder of West Coast Property Consultants. “Changes in the economy have given us a historic opportunity to join with Quality Built and create an even better company than we were before, this is a win-win scenario.”

Brian Kramer, Quality Built’s C.E.O. said, “We are beginning to see a very slow, but nevertheless identifiable, uptick in residential and commercial construction projects in various locations across the country. With the combination of Quality Built and WCPC, we are more than ever ready to meet the needs or our existing and new clients as the construction environment gradually improves.”

About Quality Built: Quality Built®, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a leading national construction quality assurance and inspection management company. Quality Built provides third-party quality assurance services and a full spectrum of quality and risk management solutions such as property condition assessments, tainted drywall assessments, building evaluations, data collection tools, collateral inspection services, reporting and support services on high-quality residential and commercial construction projects nationwide.

Quality Built is well known for its work in Total Quality Management and was one of first firms to transition from using a traditional quality assurance approach into implementing a proven, user-friendly and fully-automated, online inspection system. Quality Built’s proprietary software is cost efficient, paperless, fully customizable and completely scalable to handle the demands of most inspection and quality assurance protocols.

Quality Built's Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2008 registered. For more information about Quality Built or if you are interested in automating your Energy Star program or learning about other construction-related processes that can be automated by Quality Built, contact Beth Michaelis, President, at bmichaelis(at)qualitybuilt(dot)com. Quality Built, 401 SE 12th Street, Suite 200, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 33316, 954.358.3503, https://www.qualitybuilt.com

About WCPC: WCPC has partnered with builders and developers since 1990 to deliver third party quality control inspection services. Founded in San Diego, the company quickly expanded into many other areas including, Northern California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Florida. With certified inspectors and cutting edge technology, WCPC has become a trusted name with many of our nation’s largest builders. WCPC is a full service company, providing not only traditional quality control services, but also Green Building, Energy, Solar, HERS, municipal and construction risk assessment options for their clients. WCPC prides itself on customer service and delivering a program that suits the individual client needs. For more information please visit us at http://www.wcpci.com.

Quality Built and West Coast Property Consultants are registered trademarks of Quality Built, LLC.

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