Quality Built, LLC Partners with NationWide Contractor’s Alliance

May 9, 2011 in Press Release

Quality Built, LLC Partners with NationWide Contractor’s Alliance to Provide
Low Cost Builder Liability Insurance Solution in Key States

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, May 9, 2011 -- Quality Built, LLC (Quality Built), the country’s leading provider of third-party construction quality assurance and inspection management services, announces that it has worked with the NationWide Contractor’s Alliance (NWCA) and other designated service providers to help create “Top-Drawer”, a low-cost, turn-key risk management solution for small to mid-size homebuilders. Top-Drawer, provided by NWCA through WISE a wholesale insurance broker and member of NWCA, is currently available in eight higher risk construction states. The program is intended to expand to 24 states by year-end.

For years, small to mid-size builders, contractors and sub-contractors have had difficulty in finding liability insurance solutions at reasonable prices. Top-Drawer is able to make builder liability insurance available to small to mid-sized builders at reasonable prices because, in part, it fully integrates Quality Built’s proprietary quality assurance and inspection software and technology (Builder Link) into the insurance and building process.

Doug DeForest, President of NWCA explained, “Quality Built’s proprietary construction quality assurance and inspection management software and technological platform enable us to help minimize construction defects and risks which, in turn, helps WISE provide lower cost liability insurance solutions and Professional Warranty Services Corporation (PWC) to provide a more affordable warranty program for its participating builders. By integrating Quality Built’s quality assurance and inspection management programs directly in to the construction process we have changed the entire insurance and warranty processes from looking backwards to insure against problems that already existed to a forward looking program that prevents the problems from occurring in the first place and the refore, less costly to insure or warranty against.”

Beth Michaelis, President of Quality Built added, “Our inspection and quality assurance software programs and protocols were developed to help builders control and reduce construction risks and defects. Our systems and technology have been able to help NWCA and WISE reduce construction risks and defects before they occur and thereby create a less expensive insurance solution for NWCA members. We are very pleased that our technology has not only helped reduce construction defects and risks, but, perhaps more importantly, it is proving and paying for itself by decreasing insurance and service/repair costs.”

Included as a part of the Top Drawer solution is COR2's platinum subcontractor insurance verification and document management service. Top Drawer builders can be assured the insurance required, the subcontracts and licenses are all verified and easily accessible. COR2 further enhances the accountability of the subcontractor and takes a paperwork burden off the builder.

A 10 year insured builder’s warranty administered by PWC is provided by the builder to the purchaser of each home. In addition to spelling out minimum standards and tolerances applicable to the performance of the many components of a home’s construction, the warranty provides that disputes about whether a warranted defect exists will be resolved using binding arbitration, allowing such disputes to be resolved quickly by a knowledgeable, independent third party and without the expense and delays typical of litigation.

Quality Built is the only construction risk inspection firm in the United States that has been awarded a certification from The International Standards Organization (ISO). In 2007, Quality Built received its first certification, ISO 9001:2000, and in March 2010, ISO recertified Quality Built under ISO 9001:2008.

About Quality Built:

Quality Built®, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a leading national construction quality assurance and inspection management company. Quality Built provides third-party quality assurance services and a full spectrum of quality and risk management solutions such as property condition assessments, tainted drywall assessments, building evaluations, data collection tools, collateral inspection services, reporting and support services on high-quality residential and commercial construction projects nationwide.

Quality Built is well known for its work in Total Quality Management and was one of first firms to transition from using a traditional quality assurance approach into implementing a proven, user-friendly and fully automated, online inspection system. Quality Built’s proprietary software is cost efficient, paperless, fully customizable and completely scalable to handle the demands of most inspection and quality assurance protocols.

Quality Built's Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2008 registered

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