Quality Built Partners With Hyphen Solutions to Offer Advanced Solutions for Home Builders

February 16, 2018 in Press Release

Fort Lauderdale, FL (February 15, 2018) -- Quality Built, LLC, the leading national third-party quality assurance inspection and risk management solution provider for new construction today announced a partnership with Hyphen Solutions, the leading cloud-based construction management software company, with over 11,000 companies subscribing to their comprehensive Builder and Supply Chain platforms.

Quality Built, established over 20 years ago, has been a long-time customer of Hyphen Solutions' SupplyPro solution. Over the course of the relationship, the firms identified areas of collaboration in the administrative functions of their offerings. By partnering, they are able to give builders real-time access to data that will help maintain efficiencies during home-building inspection processes.

"Both Hyphen Solutions and Quality Built have decades of experience working with builders and enhancing home building processes by identifying and activating efficiencies," said Felix Vasquez, CEO, Hyphen Solutions. "Quality Built facilitates high-quality third-party inspections and risk assessments, while Hyphen helps to coordinate and simplify the complexities of homebuilding so greater productivity and profitability levels are achieved. This collaboration is a great step towards making best practices the standard practice."

Quality Built will offer their professionally-built custom inspection templates to builders through Hyphen's BuildPro tool to help guide an effective internal inspection program.

"Through Hyphen Solutions' BuildPro platform, we can directly help builders drive quality into their construction by leveraging their inspection data through the platform and providing access to pre-built templates that will guide the self-inspection process," said Brian Kramer, CEO, Quality Built. "Hyphen Solutions' construction management software is used by builders across the country: The data that they have complements our own—and our shared goal will be to improve and validate efficiencies and effectiveness."

By integrating Quality Built's inspection templates into the BuildPro Inspections program, Hyphen Solutions is now able to provide builders with the tools they need to help mitigate project delays and errors, and encourage process improvement. BuildPro users can view appropriate codes, manufacturer specifications, quality standards, and lists of high-risk items or common issues throughout the home building process.

Through this partnership, Hyphen Solutions and Quality Built will identify additional opportunities for collaboration to best serve the building community. Whether through platform integrations that offer construction performance reporting tools, or enhancing payment approval processes, together, the two firms will continue to find ways to revolutionize the construction industry.

About Quality Built:

Quality Built (QB), established over 20 years ago, is the nation's largest and most respected third-party quality assurance inspection and risk management solution provider for new construction. Backed by a team of architects, engineers and inspectors averaging over 25 years of experience in the industry, QB has developed a powerful software platform that addresses construction risk, encourages collaboration and delivers qualitative and quantitative data – allowing builders to effectively make informed business decisions. From a proprietary data collection app, to automated reporting, to a comprehensive data-driven dashboard and cloud-based file storage, Quality Built has the tools and resources builders need to deliver the quality product they promised, both efficiently and on time. Builder's in Quality Built's program have experienced a 75% reduction of anomalies within 95-100 days of enrollment, proving the effectiveness of their system. QB's inspection capabilities cover all phases of construction and include but are not limited to: Technical Plan ReviewsTM, Geotechnical Consulting, Building Envelope Inspections, Quality Assurance Inspections. Property Condition Assessments, ASTM/AAMA Water Testing, Fit and Finish Inspections, and more.

In 2018, Quality Built will have reached their one millionth home in their system.

About Hyphen Solutions:

Hyphen Solutions, LLC provides over 55,000 builders, installers, and manufacturers with industry-leading supply chain scheduling, procurement and collaboration solutions. Hyphen's SaaS applications deliver greater operational control, better communications and increased productivity for both home builders and their building partners who use our applications. The Hyphen Network services over 400 builder divisions which loaded more than 200,000 new homes on the system in 2017. This existing network will execute over 20 million home builder purchase orders this year totaling in excess of $27 billion in PO dollars.

Hyphen's product base includes: BuildPro for scheduling, SupplyPro for trade management, BRIX for enterprise resource planning, BuildPro Inspections for punchlist management, BuildPro Storm Water Inspections Management for SWPPP inspections, BuildPro Progress Pay for land management, Lien Release for lien waiver management, BuildPro Warranty for homeowner satisfaction, BidConnect for bidding, SupplyPro Connect for trade automation, SupplyPro Field Management Services for supplier field personnel, SupplyPro Renditions for supplier automation, and SkuSphere for product cataloging.

To learn more about Hyphen Solutions, please visit www.hyphensolutions.com.

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