Same legacy. Same vision. New look.

July 1, 2020 in Press Release

In 1994, we launched a risk management program that changed the industry.

Today, we’re focusing on bringing world-class technology and quality assurance solutions to builders across the US. Every day, we transform job site data into valuable insights that are often invisible to the rest of the industry.

Now it’s time for our branding to reflect that same legacy, vision and focus. Same values, more services… all with a fresh coat of paint.

Our new logo is a thoughtful tribute to our past and our future. It’s sleek. Bold. No-nonsense. When we look at our branding, we see company leaders who seized new opportunities, an expert team who pioneered new solutions and decades of relentless innovation — all wrapped in a simple design.

When we look at our logo, we see a company that’s data-driven and people-powered.

Our new branding has not only left its mark on our logo, but also on our website.

You’ll notice that the structure, content and design has been completely rethought and recrafted. We added additional content for construction professionals, rebuilt our service pages to reflect the range of solutions we offer and created easier ways for visitors to connect with us.

Ultimately, we designed our website to put our customers first, just like we have been for the last 25+ years.

Over the next few months, you’ll notice all other materials from Quality Built aligning with this same direction, from our advertising to our reports.

But while our look may have changed, Quality Built hasn’t. We’re still committed to bringing insights and solutions to the building industry, and relying on our integrity, teamwork and quality to get the job done.

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